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What are some of the best shotshells for wingshooting? There are two great choices all wingshooters need to consider. They are the Black Cloud for waterfowlers, and the Prairie Storm for uplanders, both from Federal. Let’s take a closer look at each.

FliteControl Wad

Between the wad and pellets, there are similarities and differences with these shells. Let’s start with the wad. The wad in both of these shotshells is the FliteControl wad, it is the cornerstone of Federal’s premium lineup. It’s a rear-braking wad. The front of the wad tube stays rigid, while the muzzle blast opens up the petals of the wad, at the back. The result? It lets the shot fly forward in a really consistent manner. So these wads deliver very consistent, tight patterns. And that leads to more birds.

Prairie Storm & Black Cloud

Prairie Storm is the lead version of Black Cloud; it features both copper-plated lead, and FliteStopper pellets. They have a little more surface area to tear larger holes. Why would you want to have two different shapes of pellets in one load? If you add the FliteStopper pellets with the ring around them, they scatter quicker. That gives you a nice even outside edge, with a dense core center provided by the round pellets. In Black Cloud the FliteStopper pellets are steel, in Prairie Storm the FliteStopper pellets are copper-plated lead.

Whether you’re headed out waterfowling this fall, or choose to chase pheasants, take the time to pick the right shotshells for wingshooting. Think about what your hunting scenario will be, and what you’re trying to accomplish. The nice thing about Federal? It offers several fine choices to help your wingshooting success. Those include Prairie Storm for upland hunts, and Black Cloud, for better waterfowling.

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