Use HuntStand Location Sharing as a SAFEGUARD

by HuntStand


The HuntStand Location Sharing or Friend Locator feature is great for a few different reasons. First and foremost, it’s a great safety feature. It’s also a nice upgrade on time-honored safety measures such as leaving behind a generalized note. With this HuntStand feature you can ensure someone will know your precise location in the field, which is huge.

A Serious Safeguard

If you ever head out on a hunt, no matter where it is, you want to make sure somebody at home knows where you are going to be. To do this simply add family or friends to your HuntStand email account. Then turn your Location Sharing on. Now you can see your friends’ hunting locations, and they can see yours. Make no mistake, this is a very serious safeguard. Accidents happen, and sometimes to hunters who are alone, in very remote locations. If you use the feature for safety, it may end up saving someone’s life.

Up Your Hunt Strategy Game

Another reason you might want to use the Friend Locator or Location Sharing feature in HuntStand? It’s great for working with other hunters. You can use it to keep track of others in your hunting party for strategy purposes. To start, it’s great for ensuring you’re not hunting too close to buddies. Or where it’s legal, you can use it to coordinate deer drives. In addition, you can also use it to strategize how you and a friend or two will approach hunting a large tract of land. If you think about it, the applications for knowing your partners’ locations, and sharing the important sign all of you locate, can be huge.

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