USE Map Marker Colors to BETTER Organize Hunt Areas using HuntStand

by HuntStand


As you’re using HuntStand you will realize you can color code your map markers. Everyone seems to have their own system for color coding. However, here’s a recommended system for map marker colors that you can put to use this season. Think in terms of “active” and “non-active.” Treestands are a great example.

Keep Track of Stands

Maybe you hang five or 10 tree stands on your land. And maybe you move them around a bit on a regular basis. If you have an active treestand that’s ready to go, you want to make sure you know that. So maybe you list your active stands as red, and your non-active stands as white. If you have a system like this, you will ensure that you, or maybe a buddy, won’t hike in to a tree that does not have a treestand in it. Nobody likes those kinds of surprises.

Trail Cameras & Scouting

Now, if you think about it, there are many ways to color-code your map markers to help you hunt more efficiently. Maybe you color-code cellular vs non-cellular trail cameras. Maybe it’s last season’s rublines vs. the current season. However you do it,  it certainly makes good sense to color-code things in this manner. Make good use of your map marker colors, and you will keep track of all the important details in your chosen Hunt Area.

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