View From Above: 2017 Treestands & Accessories Worth A Strong Look [New]

The calendar might say spring, but plenty of wise hunters have already begun thinking about adding new treestands, accessories, and selecting and clearing new sites for the fall. Sound familiar? If so, here’s a bit more fuel for your fire.

by Mark Melotik

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The calendar might say spring, but plenty of wise hunters have already begun thinking about adding new treestands, accessories, and selecting and clearing new sites for the fall. Sound familiar? If so, here’s a bit more fuel for your fire.

Millennium M360 900Millennium M360 Revolution. The M360 Revolution features a smart swiveling seat for a 360-degree view from your elevated position of choice. Having a view of your entire surroundings, and with the ability to move in a full circle to get into shooting position, makes those challenging behind-the-tree shots a much easier game. Hunters can make turns from every angle around the tree, providing a full range of motion and creating a clear sightline. The stand comes with a generous 40-inch platform and a foldable seat, which provides space and ease for standing shots with no cables to trip over. This aluminum and steel stand offers a 20-inch seat height for hunters to sit as they swivel for 360 degree views.

SONY DSCFamily Tradition Treestands. The best there is? Many would describe the well-rounded lineup (Ladder Stands, Tripods, and Lock-Ons) from Family Tradition as just that. The company’s strong research and development has produced stands with an impressive proven record; if you’ve never checked out this line, these made-in-the-USA stands demand a strong look. Quality construction starts with premium galvanized tubular steel for added structural integrity and rust resistance, which is then bended and welded into each individual stand to maintain higher quality control. Each stand has an extra-durable powder coating baked on to provide season after season of durability. Through its deft use of better-quality materials, from bolts to hand-woven webbing on all seats, it’s no wonder Family Tradition has garnered a following just as strong as its impressive stands.

MillenniumM60U 900Millennium M60U Ultralite Hang-On Stand. The M60U Ultralite Hang-On ($230) combines full-size comfort with a lightweight, yet sturdy design. This 13.5-pound aluminum stand boasts an impressive capacity of up to 300 pounds. The patented camLOCK receiver system allows for easy installation and setup. Simply secure the receiver to the tree, then hoist up the Hang-On stand and slide the aluminum stabilizing post into the receiver. An adjustable seat height to 21 inches allows hunters to get the best view and comfort from any hunting location. With a durable powder coat finish, the M60U Ultralite will last through multiple seasons in the toughest conditions. This stand comes standard with a full body harness.


DeluxeSideBags900Summit Treestand Accessory Bags. One of the ways to make any treestand setup more deadly is to ensure quick, easy (and silent) access to all your hunting gear once up in your perch. Thankfully, Summit is offering a handful of smart solutions with a variety of new gear bags. Deluxe Side & Front Bags stow all the gear for your hunting and video projects within reach of your seat with reduce clutter on ladder stands, tripods, and climbers. Theses Mossy Oak camo bags offer silent operation with outside and inside zippered pockets to carry even more gear, while addressing the demands of discriminating hunters: silence, durability and organization. Designed to hold their shape through the rigors of the heaviest use, the bags are weather-resistant and will endure the long hours and rough conditions every day of the season. The new Side Bags (pictured above, $46 per 2) feature zippered storage designed to fit under the armrests of any Summit stand, and measure a roomy 11x6x4 inches. The Front Bag ($26) features front-zippered storage that fits any Summit stand with a front shooting/safety bar, and measures 13x7x4 inches.

Hawk Gogadget 900Hawk Hunting Accessories. This innovator offers several incredibly useful treestands and treestand accessories, aimed at helping you organize your arsenal of hunting gear in a tight space. The GoGadget Tree Arm (pictured above) not only features lightweight and strong aluminum construction, it’s also the most-adjustable bow arm available, allowing you to hang your bow and gear precisely where you want it for the fastest access with minimal movement. You’ll find both left/right horizontal adjustment and up/down vertical adjustment, along with a tactical, molded-grip bow hook that rotates a full 360 degrees. Three integrated hanging knobs allow for storage of additional accessories and an additional tree hook can be added in the Anti-Spin mounting plate. The arm extends from a 14.5-inch packing length to 36 inches, weighs 1.4 pounds, and will support up to 15 pounds. The Hawk Speed Retract Hoist Reel helps avoid frustrating knots and tangling with this unique reel and 30-foot hoist line that utilizes a 5X Faster Rewind (5:1 gear ratio) for quick, convenient line storage. Compact, slim-line design fits in your hand and features easy-twist GearTie attachments on both ends. Attach the reel to your belt while climbing and then to your stand or a nearby branch when in the tree for ultimate convenience and safety.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrimos Mini Bow Hanger. When bowhunting, movement is a killer. The Mini Bow Hanger ($15) easily mounts into the tree with its self-starting, screw-in threads. It positions the bow 20 inches from the tree at the ready, perfect so you can reach out while still watching your quarry. Its swiveling hook is rubber coated for quiet use and allows you to position your bow for a custom set-up. Three rock solid accessory hooks allow you to use one tool for your bow, rangefinder, binocular, and rattle system.

Hooyman Saws 900

Hooyman MegaBite Handsaws. Deer hunters use handsaws so much all of us should have two or three. The all new MegaBite Handsaws are designed to be compact and extremely durable, and are available in two models, the MegaBite and the MegaBite Compact. The sawblades are made of premium high carbon SK5 steel and feature a tapered blade design. The impulse-hardened, 4-edge, tooth design is made to last and provides unmatched cutting performance. The MegaBite Compact has a 6-inch blade and folds down to 6.5 inches; the MegaBite has an 8-inch blade and folds down to 9.5 inches.

HSS-HANGer 900Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness. Every avid treestand hunter needs one of these. The HSS-Hanger helps you hang stands with ease, and also helps you cut shooting lanes, move trail cameras, and much more. Although you’ll find plenty of uses for this harness during the season, it’s the first and only “off-season” treestand harness you will find. True to its bloodlines, the HSS-Hanger is built tough, constructed from durable fabric, and is packed with handy features that include deep, rigid utility pockets for securely hold steps, straps, HSS-Lifelines and more, preventing multiple trips up the tree. The smart slide pocket design allows the user to freely slide pockets to the front or back while climbing and working, and you’ll also find legendary HSS safety features: a pro-grade rope-style lineman’s climbing belt with two heavy-duty carabiners. Also included are an adjustable tree strap, suspension relief strap, instructional DVD and safe use instructions.HR300 900Ozonics HR300 Ozone Generator. Are you looking for true cutting-edge scent elimination? Ozonics’ flagship HR300 in-the-field ozone generator delivers 45 percent more ozone output than previous models, along with more user-friendly features. The HR300 ($499) is the result of more than 5 years of intense field research and product development, and it was designed using end-user feedback and the continual desire to provide every hunter with the most-effective scent elimination tools in the industry. In addition to the increase in ozone production, you’ll also find a new housing design and re-engineered internal components that contribute to this ultra-quiet design. The new HR300 is compatible with all existing Ozonics accessories such as the EZ Mount, which allow silent setup and takedown of the unit in the tree.




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