Win The Whitetail Scent Control Game With Ozone

Smart and experienced hunters know that moment will never happen without careful management of the most crucial contact of all—the invisible contact of human odor that infiltrates a whitetail’s world and stands to instantly destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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The new PEET D’ODORIZ’R Module gives hunters a cleaner, more effective method of destroying human odor.

Layout 1Hunting is a contact sport. Seriously. No, it’s not a helmet-to-helmet mash game like football or a behind-the-goal puck brawl like hockey, but hunting is a collision game nonetheless.

Take whitetail bowhunters, for example. Everything about a bowhunter’s setup—the bow, the bow’s accessories, the release, the arrows—are all designed to create the perfect collision between the broadhead and the vitals of a deer. And the same holds true for firearms hunters, just augment broadhead for bullet. As hunters, everything we do and every decision we make is all about that contact we like to call “the moment of truth.”

That said, smart and experienced hunters know that moment will never happen without careful management of the most crucial contact of all—the invisible contact of human odor that infiltrates a whitetail’s world and stands to instantly destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

jamie-dryer-600The Original PEET Dryer has been a popular guest in hunting camps for years. Now, you can combine it with the D’ODORIZ’R Module to get the best of both worlds: dry and scent-free footwear.

Managing human scent is an aggressive battle that’s been going on for decades, and products have infiltrated the marketplace in attempts of giving hunters the edge over our prey’s most impenetrable line of defense. Carbon clothing. Silver clothing. Sprays. Soaps. Gum. The list is as long as the imagination can fathom. All this to “manage” or “contain” human scent.

But what about destroying human scent, or at the very least transforming it into something unrecognizable—and therefore non-alarming—by deer and other animals hunters pursue? Sound like a dream?

Ozone has entered the hunter’s world as a managed means of destroying hunt-wrecking human odor. But the truth is, ozone has always been a part of a hunter’s world. Think about what the forest smells like after a thunderstorm … that fresh, clean scent. That’s ozone created by lightning within a storm, and it falls to the Earth’s surface because it’s heavier than oxygen.

Ozone is highly unstable and incredibly reactive. Think in terms of the loud-mouthed dad in the bleachers of a high school football game that clings and reacts to every call made by the refs. Ozone is that kind of unstable. But instead of clinging to and verbally destroying every call on the field, ozone clings to and destroys whatever molecules it comes in contact with—such as human odor.

peet-module-3step-600The PEET D’ODORIZ’R Module can be added to the Original PEET Dryer as shown here, or you can stuff it directly into your shoes or boots to remove odor if they’re already dry. You can also insert the D’ODORIZ’R into a bag of hunting clothes to deodorize its contents.

Because it’s simply unrealistic to lock a thunderstorm in your garage and exploit its ozone to deodorize hunting gear, PEET has developed a much simpler and more plausible option: the PEET D’ODORIZ’R Module, or PDM for short.

There are a handful of ozone-generation products on the market designed specifically for hunters, but the key to the PDM is its versatility. It’s likely a safe bet that most hunters are familiar with PEET’s extensive line of dryers, such as the Original PEET or the Multi PEET. The D’ODORIZ’R has been designed to work with these dryers to combine ultimate drying with deodorizing capabilities to create the most productive hunting partner you’ve ever had—without any whining about having to work so hard.

Again, hunting is a contact sport—and the main point of contact between hunters and the habitat they hunt is the ground … with every footstep they leave behind. Having boots that smell like mildew foot sweat is not only gross—it’s a direct impediment toward the goal of putting that bullet or broadhead where it needs to go.

It’s easiest to think about ozone like a real-world game of Pac-Man. The molecular signature of ozone is O3, and it’s incredibly unstable, meaning it bounces around like Pac-Man looking for something to chomp. When an O3 molecule bumps into another more stable molecule, such as human odor, it immediately cling to it and transforms it into something undistinguishable by animals.

Check out this video for a deeper look at the workings and versatility of the PEET D’ODORIZ’R Module.

So, what the D’ODORIZ’R does is take the O2 oxygen molecules all around us, gives them an electrical charge, and sends them into the environment like mini Pac-Mans with the sole mission of eating odors. This electrical charge only lasts for approximately a half-hour, and if an O3 molecule doesn’t find anything to cling to in that amount of time, it loses its charge and reverts back O2—breathable oxygen.

Think about everything in your hunting arsenal that you come in contact with on a daily basis. And if you touch it, it will soak up human odor. Sure, boots are an obvious odor-dwelling item, but everything from the strap on a shooting release to the shoulder straps on a daypack will hold scent.

The remedy: an ozone bath. Take anything and everything you’d carry to the woods, put it in an enclosed environment such as a large plastic tote or a closet, and let a PEET D’ODORIZ’R work its magic for a few hours.

It’s true what “they” say about not believing everything you read on the Internet, and relying on one source for information about ozone could leave you with some improper facts.

It’s true that ozone is not good for “human consumption.” Humans are designed to process O2 molecules, not O3. But a whiff or two will have no negative side effects, and recommended use of ozone-emitting products poses no threats to human health. In fact, ozone has been used in hospitals for cleaning and deodorizing for decades.

It’s also been rumored that, with very extensive use, ozone can break down clothing fibers. While there is very little scientific information to back this claim, you can be certain that your high-dollar hunting clothing will last infinitely longer using the ozone bath method than it would if you were to using a washing machine with carbon or silver scent wash on a daily basis.

Hunting is a contact sport, though the secret to success is minimizing the contact between the odors you emit and the nose of the prey you pursue. Ozone destroys any odor molecules it contacts, and just like other contact sports, the best offense is having an impenetrable defense.




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