How to Use the HuntStand App for Turkey Hunting

by HuntStand


In some places, turkey season is here. In others, it soon will be. Millions of gobbler gurus, strut masters, and even the longbeard novices are gearing up for spring. But don’t forget about the tool that fits in your pocket. There are countless ways to use the HuntStand app for turkey hunting, but here’s a smart four-step strategy that will help you get started.

Step 1: Find Somewhere to Hunt

The first step in turkey hunting is finding a great destination that holds a huntable population of turkeys. HuntStand offers numerous app layers to aid in this process on both private and public lands.

Use the Hunting Lands and Public Lands layers to find public property open to hunting. Use the Property Info layer to get mailing addresses to knock on doors or mail letters.

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Step 2: E-scouting & Boots on the Ground

After gaining access to private land, or settling on public property to try, study the property boundaries within the Property Info layer. This will help you remain within the lines.

Then, use the Hybrid, 3D Map, Contour, Terrain, Crop History, National Aerial Imagery, and Mapbox Satellite to study the property in detail. Furthermore, use the Monthly Satellite to view the most recent habitat changes to the area. Do this before stepping onto the property, and while scouting it, too. Search for clues that turkeys are in the area.

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Step 3: Find the Birds

Mark all important findings while walking the property. Drop designated pins for roosted turkeys, heard gobbles, sighted turkeys, dusting areas, tracks, droppings, and more. Type up specialized notes for each pin with additional details you wish to remember.

Leading up the season, listen early of a morning while turkeys are still on the roost. Drop a pin for each unique bird you hear on the property. This will help determine a pre-season gobbler count for each hunt area. Additionally, you can share necessary information with your friends by using various tools, including Sightings, Stand Reservations, Friend Locator, and the Group Board.

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Step 4: Hunt the Birds

Now, it’s time to hunt. Those who scouted numerous properties are in a better position, as they can rank the properties they scoured and have a plan A, B, C, D, etc. More times than not, those first setups don’t work out. And of course, keep using HuntStand throughout the hunt. Monitor weather with the available layers. Keep dropping pins and notes in the app for future use.

Oftentimes, rural properties offer minimal to no cell service. Fortunately, HuntStand makes it possible to save offline map versions for target areas. Then, when cell service limits you, merely use Offline Maps to continue using the service, uninterrupted.

As you can see, this tool isn’t just for deer hunters. Use the HuntStand app for turkey hunting. It’ll help set you for success this spring, and beyond.

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