Turkey Hunting in Oregon, Part 2: Run-and-Gun Turkey Hunting [Turkey POSSE]

by HuntStand


In this episode of Turkey POSSE, we’re back in Oregon on a run-and-gun turkey hunting mission. In the last episode, HuntStand App Developer Daniel Lifflander connected with his first-ever gobbler. The hunt continued for Josh Dahlke and Mike Nelson as they knocked down an Oregon double.

Now, in part No. 2, after getting skirted by gobblers at fly-down, the Turkey POSSE starts a run-and-gun turkey hunt to get Josh Warren on an Oregon longbeard. Then, Dahlke returns to the roost the next morning for redemption.

For those unfamiliar with Oregon turkey hunting, it’s an excellent destination. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) estimates nearly 50,000 turkeys statewide. It’s home to Rio Grande, Merriam’s, and hybrid birds. That said, interestingly enough, wild turkeys aren’t native to the Beaver State. Rather, they were introduced in 1961. Obviously, they are thriving there now. A strong flock of birds abounds on the landscape.

Generally, the season lasts from mid-April to the end of May. The hunting pressure isn’t terrible, either, as less than 20,000 licenses are sold annually. Hunters generally harvest about 6,000-7,000 birds. It costs about $60 for residents and approximately $260 for non-residents to hunt here. That’s about typical for many destinations in America.

As for the quality of turkey hunting, it doesn’t outpace some states, but it does outperform many. And as a western destination, the terrain and atmosphere offer a unique experience difficult to find elsewhere. Plus, there is a great volume of public lands open to turkey hunters. Give this hunt a try, if you fancy. It’s perfect for run-and-gun turkey hunting.

Turkey Hunting in Oregon, Part 1: A First Turkey [Turkey POSSE]

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