Distance & Area Measurement Tools [ScoutLook Hunting App Update]

by ScoutLook Weather


Now you can measure distance and area with two new tools in the HuntStand Hunting mobile app. You’ll find countless uses for these tools while you’re planning hunts and when your boots are on the ground. Be sure your app has the most recent update to use these exciting features. Watch the short video above for some quick details.

The distance measurement tool is accurate from 5 yards to infinite miles. That’s right: Whether you’re bowhunting whitetails in close quarters, rifle hunting mule deer out to 500 yards, or you simply want to bet your buddies how far it is from your hunting camp to Inarigda, Russia, this new tool will tell you on command. To some extent, you can even use it as a digital rangefinder. You can measure straight-line distances or drop multiple pins to measure the total distance between all pins. This tool can be especially helpful for navigation and timing your approach or departure to and from hunting areas.

How much seed do you need for a food plot? How big is that promising pocket of timber that you discovered on a new chunk of public ground? Our new area measurement tool allows you to quickly answer these questions. It will measure areas as small as 10 square feet to infinite acres. (Hey, we just checked, and did you know Madagascar covers roughly 138,472605.45 acres?)

We take HuntStand user feedback very seriously. Comments, e-mails, phone calls and discussions in hunting camp—our team is constantly monitoring chatter among folks in the HuntStand hunting community. Our decisions and developments are always designed to be meaningful and appeal to the masses. The new distance and area measurement tools are a fine example of our HuntStand democracy. Hundreds of app users have voted for these tools, so we made them happen. Keep the feedback coming.

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