ScoutLook’s Ultimate Holiday Fishing Gift Guide

by Mark Melotik

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Looking for a last-minute angling gift that’s sure to make them smile? Team ScoutLook is here to help.

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Seaguar Rippin' 600Seaguar Rippin’ Monofilament Line. Want to make a fisherman’s holiday season brighter? Seaguar’s new Rippin’ Monofilament is a thin-diameter, premium monofilament designed to deliver exceptional knot and tensile strength; yet, it’s soft and supple with very low memory to cast like a bullet. Low-stretch properties enable solid hook-sets and this line’s UV protection extends its high-performance qualities. Available in 4- to 20-pound test in 200-yard spools, Rippin’ also features Level Wind Technology, a Seaguar exclusive. This process spools the line by laying it down side by side, never crossing itself. The final spool is as smooth as a spool of thread, with no cross contact marks, for maximum line strength without any line overstress or twist.

Seaguar Finesse 600Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon Line. Here’s a “no-brainer” stocking stuffer. Finesse fishing is one of the most-popular ways anglers fish for bass. Seaguar research shows that over 96 percent of anglers use this technique when bass fishing, and over 8 out of 10 have purchased rods and reels specifically for finesse presentations. Seaguar’s Finesse Fluorocarbon is a next-generation premium line made using an exclusive double-structure process that combines two custom Seaguar fluorocarbon resins to create a line with smaller diameters and exceptional knot and tensile strength. It’s soft and supple with low memory, making it a great choice for finesse applications. It’s available on 150- yard spools and formulated in four sizes for finesse presentations including 5.2-, 6.2-, 7.3- and 8.4-pound test (MSRP $26.99).

MinnkotUltrex 600Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor. The all-new Minn Kota Ultrex is a gift most any die-hard bass fisherman wants to see under the family tree. For several years Minn Kota has offered innovative technologies such as Spot-Lock and the ability to follow a depth contour (with its Terrova model), now these features are available on a trolling motor geared to the bass angler. The Ultrex uses the same heel/toe steering that bass fishermen have been accustomed to, but with new power steering, the effort and foot fatigue is reduced! Ultrex MSRPs start at $2,200.

HumminbirdHELIX 600Humminbird HELIX G2. The HELIX units from Humminbird have become quite popular over the past few years and now Humminbird has upped the ante, yet again, by releasing the Generation 2 (G2N and G2) lineup. These units feature a sonar frequency that is nearly 3-times greater than the traditional 455 kHz frequencies, resulting in the clearest and sharpest underwater views on the market! The G2N family consists of four screen sizes (7-, 9-, 10- and 12-inch), while the G2 family offers 5- and 7-inch models. The G2N units are also Bluetooth capable, meaning your phone’s information can now be displayed on your HELIX screen.  The MSRP ranges from $200 on a HELIX5 Sonar G2 unit, up to $2,500 for a HELIX12 G2N unit.

Walker_TrollTamer600T-H Marine Troll-Tamer. Keeping your trolling motor secure when making long runs across the lake is important, not just to prevent damage, but also to keep you focused on safely driving your boat without worry of your trolling unit bouncing around. This is why the Troll-Tamer is an ideal gift for any angler. It is an easy install on your boat and works by using your foot to depress a quick-access lever; your trolling motor is then free to deploy. When you are ready to move, simply pull the trolling motor out of the water and back toward the deck; the stainless steel stabilizer locks securely into the deck-mounted base. Your trolling motor is now safely stowed for a run to the next honeyhole. The Troll-Tamer has an MSRP of $89.99.

ZoomSwimmers600Zoom Bait 4-inch Zoom Swimmer. Good things do come in small packages. This slightly downsized version of the ultra-popular hollow-bodied swimbait retains every bit of its 5-inch big brother’s lifelike swimming action, because it features the same realistic shad-shaped body and lively paddle tail, just in a slightly more-compact package. This bait can be fished on its own on a jighead or weedless on a Texas rig, but because of its size it will also shine as a trailer on a vibrating jig, swim jig, or on a umbrella rig. The 4-inch Zoom Swimmer is available in six colors ($6.99/4-pack).

Walker_DuckyQuik600Ducky Products Quik Clean & Wax. Here’s a thoughtful gift that will help keep an angler’s boat looking show-room clean. Ducky Products offers a multitude of products that make cleaning a boat a fast and easy process, and it all begins with Ducky’s Quik Clean & Wax. Simply spray this unique formula on after pulling your boat from the water, and wipe off to remove the day’s grime and contaminants.  A 16-ounce bottle has an MSRP of $12.99.

Walker_PlanoSDCardBox 600Plano SD Card Holder Box. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the most expensive, but those that fill a useful need. From mapping cards for high-tech electronics, to SD cards containing valuable “honeyhole” waypoints, savvy anglers are accumulating more and more SD cards every year!  Plano’s smart and handy SD Card Holder Box holds 8 Mini and 8 Standard SD cards, offering quick access and dependable protection. The case is water resistant and features a durable latch to ensure your cards are completely protected from the elements. The Plano SD Card Holder Box has an MSRP of $9.99.Frabill_ICE_600

Frabill Stroschein 1350 Ice Fishing Shelter. Give your favorite ice-fisher the gift of warm, portable shelter this holiday season. Finished with a distinctive black and grey digital camo exterior and ultra-efficient seat-on-trunk storage and seating inside, the Stroschein 1350 is the roomiest, fully-insulated one-angler shelter in Frabill’s extensive line. This easy-handling flip-over shelter is a breeze to load, unload and haul all your gear to and from your spot, and is small enough to heat with a small heater. Priced at just $399.99, the Stroschein 1350 Shelter fits in the back of most small crossover vehicles.

Plano Tackle_600Plano Z-Series Technical Tackle Backpack. Ideal for kayak anglers, expedition anglers, or anyone who needs to transport tackle while keeping their hands free, Plano’s new weather-defying Z-Series Technical Tackle Backpack is the ultimate technical angling pack. It’s zipperless design and high-performance Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) waterproof fabric defy the elements and allow for easy care, while providing maximum tackle management capability. The comfortable and versatile Z-Series Technical Tackle backpack retails for around $90.

Legend Glass 600St. Croix Legend Glass Casting Rods. Glass is back, and better than ever. New for 2017, this super-premium four-rod series (6’ 10” to 7’ 11”, $240-$250) was born from 68 years of American rod-building know-how and the very best materials and components available. Each of these all-new rods delivers the full benefits of glass in its intended applications, plus the elevated feedback, increased strength, reduced weight and heightened manufacturing quality that are absent in the marketplace. These modern Legend Glass Casting Rods feature premium, linear S-Glass blanks built on St. Croix-exclusive Integrated Poly Curve (IPC)-engineered mandrels. Designed to eliminate all transitional points in the rod blank, IPC rods feature smoother actions, increased strength and greater sensitivity, while 100-percent linear S-glass is also stronger, lighter, higher in modulus and more dynamic than traditional, woven E-glass. The results are the finest, high-performance fiberglass rod blanks ever created.

BASS X_600St. Croix BASS X Series Rods. Slide one or two of these bad boys under the tree and your chosen angler will be smiling for weeks. Value-packed BASS X rods ($100-$110) combine St. Croix’s legendary, handcrafted quality with purely-premium components. The magic begins with St. Croix’s proven SCII graphite blank; not the amalgamation of anonymous carbon fibers found in similarly priced rods. Moreover, the SCII graphite blank gets two baths of Flex Coat finish to add durability and fuel that awesome BASS X mark with extra pop. Designed with super-fast tips on some models, moderate deflections on others, bassers will find the 14 models in the BASS X lineup able to cover every technique from dropshotting to slopping to punching jigs through gnarly weed mats.

AV_MicroPlusDVRDT600Aqua-Vu Micro DVR-DT Series. Technology has not only made fishing more productive, but also, more fun. The gold standard in subsurface surveillance, Aqua-Vu’s new Micro DVR-DT series is the most complete handheld underwater viewing system ever engineered. Here’s why: The simple act of dropping the lens of the Micro DVR-DT to any depth instantly reveals three critical clues—water temperature, depth and a real-time, real-life video image of the underwater world. Now available in two powerful, ready-to-fish models, the Aqua-Vu Micro 5 Plus DVR-DT ($599.99) and Micro Plus DVR-DT (shown above, $449.99) provide the most colorful, clearest optics, brightest screens and most feature-rich operating system of any handheld underwater camera. Complete with IP67 Waterproof color LCDs— 5” or 3.5”, respectively— the Micro 5 Plus and Micro Plus also include a thumb-sized Micro camera, 50- or 82-feet of camera cable, plus an adjustable camera fin—all powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Purchase of either unit comes with a FREE Wearable Micro Viewing Case and auxiliary battery charger ($60 value). 


Old Town Predator PDL. Here’s a unique and welcome addition to most any outdoorsman’s arsenal. Easily the most-advanced pedal-driven personal watercraft on the planet, this “angling assault” vehicle offers unrivaled hands-free boat control and fishability, and also makes for an ideal companion in your favorite waterfowl marsh. Old Town engineers spent over three years building not only the most durable, dependable, fastest, quietest, and easy-to-use pedal-driven mechanism in the industry, but the perfect hull and boat design complement from the ground up. The result is the perfect boat for avid kayak anglers who need forward and reverse dexterity, prefer casting over paddling, yet still want some form of exercise. Similarly, the Predator PDL (length is 13 feet, 2 inches, weight is 117 pounds) offers hunters a great way to access waters where motors are restricted. Users can reach speeds up to 5.5 mph to reach fishing spots fast and efficiently. A proprietary weedless prop design creates an ideal combination of efficiency, speed, and torque. With 16 inches of draft for navigating skinny waters, and a unique pivot and docking system, users can go from parked to peddling (or vice versa) in seconds. This also means anglers can avoid obstacles almost instantaneously and beach the boat virtually anywhere.



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