ScoutLook’s Ultimate Holiday Fishing Gift Guide [2018]

by Mark Melotik

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Everyone knows an angler who could use a cutting-edge gift. Here’s some of the latest and greatest gear built to make on-the-water adventures more fun and productive.

StCroixApparel2 900St. Croix Launches New Apparel. For St. Croix to live up to its ‘Best Rods on Earth’ slogan, the legendary rod company felt it needed some equally legendary apparel. The end result is a fresh, new apparel program that addresses all markets and features everything from performance shirts, casual wear, retro-styled offerings, head gear, women’s styles and more. St. Croix has also partnered with fishing industry apparel giants SIMMS and AFTCO on select items which offer even more choices for anglers.Finesse 900Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon. All anglers can use premium line that will help them boat more fish, and this is the very latest in fishing line technology. Seaguar Finesse Fluorocarbon is made using an exclusive double-structure process that combines two custom Seaguar fluorocarbon resins to create a line with smaller diameters and exceptional knot and tensile strength. It’s soft and supple with low memory, making it a great choice for finesse applications, whether the target is clear-water bass, stream trout, slab-sided spring crappies and more. It’s available on 150-yard spools and formulated in four sizes for finesse presentations including 5.2 lb., 6.2 lb., 7.3 lb and 8.4 lb.VMCjig 900VMC Bucktail Jig. Developed with input from angling legend Al Lindner, VMC’s new Bucktail Jig features a pear-shaped, weight-forward head. So when you jump it off the bottom and then slack-line it on the fall, it crashes straight down. It doesn’t jump and glide forward like some other jigs; you snap it, drop it and it crashes…triggering more strikes. Highly versatile, it can be fished alone or dressed with a soft-plastic trailer or live bait. It’s armed with a premium high-carbon steel, chemically sharpened needlepoint VMC hook, and is available in eight color patterns: Black, Chartreuse White, Fathead, Green Fire UV, Orange Fire UV, Firetiger, Pink Fire UV and White.RapSlabRapGlow900RapSlabRapPutu900RapSlabRapClown900RapSlabRapCrawdad900New Colors For Rapala Slab Rap. This proven lipless crankbait is ready for both open water and ice fishing applications with four new fish-provoking color patterns: Clown, Glow, Purple Tiger UV and Redfire Crawdad. Retrieved with quick rod snaps in a lift-drop cadence, the Slab Rap vibrates subtly on the rise, then searches in wide, erratic directions, circling back to center on the fall. Its center line tie and weight-forward design enables a rocking action to further trigger bites from negative fish. A 2-inch Slab Rap weighs 1/4 ounce; the 1 1/2-inch model weighs 1/8 ounce. Each comes armed with two No. 12 VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks.MarcumQuest900MarCum Quest HD Underwater Viewing System. This is an ideal solution for the hard-side fish-house angler looking to see crisp, clear underwater video on the big screen. MarCum’s Quest HD is the only underwater viewing system that combines a high-quality Sony camera with the ability to send an HD video signal to a TV over HDMI in full 1080p. The Quest HD system’s Sony 1080p HD camera–the most optically superior underwater camera on the market–boasts the most powerful lowlight-capable image sensor to produce unmatched image quality. Solar Intelligent Technology offers 100 percent daylight viewability of the system’s 7-inch, widescreen, 800 x 480-pixel, vivid display screen–the brightest LED screen MarCum has ever produced.

FishMonkeyTundraEX 900

Fish Monkey Tundra EX Gloves. Is this the most-advanced, customized winter fishing glove ever made? The Tundra EX Glove ($69.99) is a medium-weight design that features a waterproof laminated membrane that is light, breathable and flexible all at the same time. For warmth without excess bulk, 260-gram Thinsulate/cotton insulation has been positioned in calculated locations around the fingers and hand to maintain comfort without detracting from natural movement. Inside, a soft polar-fleece lining wraps hands in comfort and wicks any moisture away.AV_MS_HAndOnly 900Aqua-Vu micro 4.3 Stealth. Here’s the most affordable, portable underwater camera yet. Merging major value and dynamic underwater video, the handheld micro Stealth offers nice upgrades without boosting price ($229.99). The camera optics received a substantial boost in resolution, providing greater detail and picture quality, amplifying discernment of vegetation, fish and baitfish down to identification of mussel shells. Penetrating dark and stained water, the bottlecap-size micro camera also features integrated auto-activated infrared lighting. Even in dark or dirty water, IR lights still make it possible to discern underwater terrain in front of the lens. Standard equipment on all micro 4.3 Stealth systems is an Adjustable Trolling Camera Fin with clip-on ballast weight, as well as a special Ice Fishing Camera Clip for hardwater use. RayMarineElement900Raymarine Element Sonar/GPS. Knowledge is power—and the Element CHIRP sonar/GPS series (starting at $679.99) from Raymarine gives you the power to make smarter decisions on the water. Built for anglers who want to be one step ahead of the game, Element delivers the sharpest view of the underwater world with HyperVision 1.2-megahertz super high-resolution sonar technology. HyperVision technology takes DownVision, SideVision, and Raymarine RealVision 3D sonar to the next level of precision imaging and fish identification, letting you see structures, vegetation, and fish with lifelike detail.  All Element’s models—7, 9 and 12 inches—feature an onboard quad-core processor delivering instantaneous chart redraw, smooth RealVision 3D imaging and fast response while underway. ZManBINDER-2 900Z-Man Bait BinderZ Doublewide. The unique makeup of Z-Man’s extra-soft, tough and buoyant ElaZtech softbaits also requires specialized storage—and it’s now easier than ever with Z-Man’s newest softbait storage solution. With twice the bait-storage capacity of the original Bait BinderZ, the Bait BinderZ Doublewide ($34.99) offers ample room to house two side-by-side stacks of ElaZtech bait bags—up to 20 packs or more. Within the tough 500 denier nylon satchel, two sets of corrosion resistant nickel-plated rings align to accept pre-punched holes on all standard size Z-Man bait bags. Re-sealable bait bags allow anglers to access individual baits without removing packaging. You’ll also find clear plastic pockets to store an array of jigheads, terminal tackle, leader spools and other essential tools.

AlpsBandit 900ALPS OutdoorZ Bandit Duffle. As part of its ever-expanding Extreme line of packs, ALPS has added the travel-friendly Bandit Duffle that is constructed using heavy-duty black 500D PVC material with welded seams. The U-shaped opening offers quick and easy access to the main compartment; the zipper to the main compartment is covered by a material flap for extra wet-weather resistance. Choose from Standard ($69.99; 46 liters) and Large ($89.99; 82 liters) sizes. engel-soft-side-900Engel HD-30 Soft-Sided Cooler. Give the gift of staying cool in fishing camp. Whether it’s keeping beverages on ice, or fresh fillets, this new soft-sided, easy-carrying cooler from Engel will treat your favorite angler well. Welded seams, abrasion-resistant shell, and a variety of carrying straps: The HD-30 is serious cool at a serious value. RevisionSeeker900Revision Outdoor Seeker. Premium outdoor eyewear always makes a great holiday gift. This exciting new outdoor eyewear brand is a just-launched division of Revision Military, a leader in tactical eyewear, and that kind of bloodline spells all kinds of good things for outdoorsmen. The Revision Seeker ($279) is one of three new styles aimed at sportsmen; four polarized lens tints are available, each treated with the company’s proprietary OcuMax AF lens coating technology to provide anti-fog, anti-scratch and smudge-resistant performance. Every piece of eyewear comes with a custom retention strap, an innovative storage system that includes an eyewear pouch with microfiber cloth and a protective pro bag, and a limited lifetime warranty.WileyXKobe900Wiley X Kobe & More. Crystal-clear vision. Military-grade eye protection. Great-looking new styles. All can be found in four great choices aimed at cutting-edge anglers, from Wiley X. The Kobe (shown above) offers polarized Venice Gold Mirror Lenses that are ideal for sunny conditions, and fishing in shallow water. They’re made of Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate and offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. More great angler choices include the WX Omega, the WX Boss, and the TidePuc-2 900PUC Expandable Lantern Charger. This handy, affordable unit is only two inches tall when collapsed but expands to 5.3 inches to throw light in a full circle of glowing brightness that will help light any fishing camp. The PUC Expandable Lantern Charger ($34.95) can be charged with any light source and loves a little sunshine on its built-in solar panel. With a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery, the lantern can shine for up to 40 hours on one charge. With USB and Micro USB ports, the lantern can also be used to charge mobile devices and allows for rapid charging. The lantern has two brightness settings, and when the super bright LED light is on full, it will last for eight hours. Weighing in at seven ounces, the PUC Expandable Lantern can be used in boats, cars, recreational vehicles, or most any backpack/camping adventure. Pro Kit900HybridLight Pro Kit. This smart kit ($249.95) brings together six of this innovator’s most-popular multi-functional lights in a luxury package. The custom box is covered in velvet-touch black and has a magnetic touch lid; inside, it’s fitted with a precise piece of foam for maximum impact on opening. HybridLight designers have chosen the following six signature products to include in this showcase package: Atlas 400 Lumen Camping Lantern/Charger, Journey 250 Flashlight/Charger, Mammoth 400 Lumen Multi-Light/Charger, The Headlamp, Hex Bluetooth Speaker/Charger, and the PUC 150 Lumen Expandable Lantern/Charger. Each of the included products features a Micro USB port for rapid charging, as well as a built-in solar panel for charging on the go.Magnum Bait Station900Frabill Magnum Bait Station. Hardcore ice anglers know the best season to catch the biggest fish species is in the winter. Live bait storage in the cold can be tricky, but the Magnum Bait Station is an all-season storage device to keep your expensive bait fresh and active. Heavy-duty injection molding construction will protect your bait from freezing and can withstand the rigors of handling on hard ice. The two-speed waterproof aerator comes with a 12-volt plug to run in your ATV, snowmobile, or vehicle on the way to your fishing destination, then at your angling destination. The Magnum Bait Station is available in a 13- ($89) or 19-quart ($99) model.KVD Series900Plano KVD Signature Series Tackle Bags. One of the most-accomplished tournament anglers in history, Kevin VanDam used his eye for detail to help design these versatile soft bags that are available in 3600 and 3700 sizes. These professional-grade tackle totes make use of the ultra-functional Utili-Tackle Rail System. As a lid, the rigid system sports four over-molded rubberized corners to secure a StowAway Utility Box in plain view and within easy reach. Solid, molded-in attachment points allow these bags to easily be secured to boat decks, truck beds, ATVs, trailers or kayaks. Further, the rail itself offers 17 different attachment points to hold every accessory known to the sport. Forceps, lanyards and clippers? Of course. But there’s also room for split-ring pliers, a Line Saber, fishing towel, retractable ruler, hook file, wacky rig tool and more, right at your fingertips.



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