ScoutLook’s Ultimate Holiday Fishing Gift Guide

by ScoutLook Weather


Need to find the perfect gift for a special angler in your life? Sink your holiday hooks into this sweet selection of fishing gear and wrap it up, Captain Christmas.

Engel FishEngel Model 50 and 165 High Performance Coolers. Thousands of fishermen know the benefits of Engel’s high-performance coolers. In fact, Engel was the originator of modern “super coolers.” And now, with two new sizes, there’s more to love. The new ENG50 and ENG165 coolers have a taller, narrower profile, so added capacity doesn’t take up more floor space on boat decks, or the floor of an RV. In fact, the new ENG50 works perfectly as a seat in front of a typical center console in a wide variety of boats. Both of these new coolers reflect Engel’s original, well-thought-out design and use the same top-quality components that make Engel the choice of discriminating sportsmen worldwide. The durable roto-molded shell and a full 2 inches of polyurethane foam insulation help keep ice up to 8 days, while the reinforced lid design is built to handle being used as a seat or step. In addition, a silicone lid gasket and flush-mounted drawdown latches keep the lid tightly sealed, keeping the cold in and blocking out wind and heat.

FLIPPIN_PRSeaguar Flippin’ Lines. Fishing in heavy cover demands the right line, and Seaguar is now offering two new technique-specific lines designed to help fisherman pull big fish from the nastiest tangles. Flippin’ Fluoro and Flippin’ Braid are the brainchild of Denny Brauer, legendary flipping expert and BassMaster Classic Champion, according to Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager. “Denny’s interest in creating lines specifically for flipping applications really got the ball rolling about 2 years ago,” Benedicto noted. “His familiarity with Seaguar and his expertise in designing flipping rods, reels and lures helped us establish the framework for the right lines needed for this go-to technique.”

Brauer identified strength and sensitivity as the key characteristics required in the new Flippin’ lines. “This is about pulling big fish out of the nastiest vegetation you can find,” said Brauer. “You’re on a short line, and you need to feel the quick reaction strike and then literally horse the fish out of heavy cover.”

Seaguar Flippin’ lines are available in both fluorocarbon and braid formats to meet different angler preferences. Both lines are packaged on 100 yard spools to better accommodate flipping-specific reels and reduce any line waste.

Seaguar PinkLabelSeaguar Pink Label Fluorocarbon Leader. Leave it to line specialist Seaguar to deliver innovation that helped reach two separate goals. To meet the growing consumer demand for high-visibility pink fluorocarbon, and to assist in the battle against breast cancer, Seaguar has introduced Pink Label fluorocarbon leader material. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Pink Label are being donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., and just as exciting, the line delivers real benefits to savvy anglers. Pink Label 100-percent fluorocarbon leader material offers all the benefits of fluorocarbon versus monofilament, including superior tensile strength, better abrasion resistance, and minimal stretch. It’s also soft and supple yet provides 30 percent better knot strength than other fluorocarbon lines. Above the surface, the subtle pink color enhances line visibility and below the surface, pink is the first color that disappears in the water column to maximize strikes. Pink Label is available on 25-yard spools from 15 to 80 pound test, and in 25-yard coils from 100 to 200 pound test. The 25-yard spools feature Seaguar’s exclusive Level Wind Technology, which spools the line by laying it down side by side, never crossing itself. The result is a spool as smooth as a spool of thread, without any line overstress or twist.

Wright&McGill ReelWright & McGill Victory Pro Carbon Casting Reel. Considering a reel upgrade for 2016? How about outfitting a loved one with the latest technology? Both are great reasons to check out the new Wright & McGill Victory Pro Carbon Casting Reel. This new design is ultra light, weighing in at a mere 5.4 ounces, yet is strong and durable thanks to its carbon frame and side plates. Choose from models offering a fast, versatile 6.4:1, or ultra-high-speed 7.9:1 gear ratio; both feature a new triangle line guide for increased casting distance. Spinning models are also available.

UltimateWildUltimate Wild Compact Handheld Spotlight. Sometimes finding those remote honeyholes can make finding your way back to the dock a serious adventure. Be sure your favorite sportsman has some on-board security; a great example is the Compact Handheld Spotlight ($80) from Ultimate Wild. This ultra-rugged, lightweight design is not only impressively bright, it’s also conveniently rechargeable. Any angler, and especially dedicated night fishermen, will appreciate the well-balanced, pistol-grip design that pays dividends during long stretches of one-handed operation. Well-rounded sportsmen will also appreciate having this versatile light handy on camping trips, or during hunting season, for a variety of uses including faster game recovery.


Bullet Weights Tungsten Flipping Weights. Avid bass anglers know Tungsten is denser than lead and so allows for smaller, more-subtle presentations that catch more fish. Bullet Weights has responded by expanding its selection of bass-specific sinkers with several new Tungsten Flipping Weights. Bass fishermen know that if a sinker is too light, it fails to penetrate thick cover and the flip, pitch, or cast is wasted. Likewise, if a sinker is too heavy, a bass might spit the lure before an angler has time to set the hook. These five new sizes of Tungsten Flipping Weights—1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 ounces—enable fishermen to use the ideal-size sinker for any situation. They add to the company’s line that includes 1-, 1 1/4-, and 1 1/2-ounce Tungsten Flipping Weights. All are about 50 percent smaller than comparable lead weights. The five new Tungsten Flipping Weights ($7 to $8/per pack) are available in Black or Green Pumpkin, and because the PermaColor paint is baked on, it won’t crack, chip or peel. Each sinker features a concave base for a perfect fit with soft plastics, and the smooth insert-free inner bore won’t fray your line.

ICE HELIX 5-600-2Humminbird Ice Helix 5 Sonar/GPS. The holiday season brings some of the best ice fishing of the season, and all hardwater anglers would appreciate a little high-tech help from Humminbird to locate their finicky finned quarry. New this winter is the Ice Helix Sonar/GPS that delivers three highly-formidable technologies in one unit. The high-speed LCD eliminates guesswork with a digital read-out showing your exact depth. The precision GPS helps you to find and return to productive spots, while optional Humminbird LakeMaster charts offer more detail than any other map on ice.

You’ll also get a 5-inch diagonal, 480V x 800H HD display for eye-popping, crystal-clear images and easy viewing, even in harsh sunlight. Plus, the 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen allows running a split-screen view of mapping and digital flasher, or broadband sonar (graph view), to multi-task like never before.

Whether used in the portable case or via RAM mount on your ATV, UTV, snow machine—(or in the truck cab like Humminbird pro Brian “Bro” Brosdahl)—the Ice Helix 5 raises the functionality bar.

Mojo BassSt. Croix 2016 Mojo Bass Rods. How do you make a line of wildly popular rods better? When you’re innovator St. Croix, you use the latest technology to make them stronger, lighter, and more sensitive.   Like its name suggests, the improved, yet affordable Mojo Bass series features a wide variety of bass-fishing-specific rods most any dedicated angler would be happy to receive. Reasons why include premium, high-modulus SCIII graphite construction, (and super premium, 100-percent linear S-glass on Mojo Bass Glass models). You’ll also find Kigan Master Hand 3D guides featuring slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings with black frames, Fuji ECS reel seat with black hood on casting models, Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods on spinning models, and split-grip/premium-grade cork handles. All models come with a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.

Minn Kota Micro RemoteMinn Kota Micro Remote. Talk about a cool stocking stuffer. If you run an electric-steer trolling motor, it’s likely a Minn Kota bow mount with i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link. These motors come with a foot pedal and wireless remote, but many anglers choose not to wear the standard remote around their neck with the lanyard because it’s too bulky. Solution? The compact and waterproof Micro Remote ($100) provides quick command of Spot-Lock, speed, steering and Advanced AutoPilot.

Minn Kota EOMinn Kota EO (Electric Outboard). It’s always nice to give the gift of cutting-edge technology that’s designed to minimize environmental impact. Minn Kota’s new, affordable EO (Electric Outboard) motor ($800-$900) is available in both ½ and 1 HP models. This small outboard motor was designed for small watercrafts and anglers looking for a robust motor that will provide all-day power. With run times as long as 9 hours on a single charge, this motor is sure to keep you on the water longer. Neat features include a Push-To-Test Battery meter that shows precisely how much time you have left on the water, a rugged 9-Position Trim Bracket designed to keep your outboard stable through heavy winds and chop, and an easy-to-use Tiller that tilts up (to 45 degrees) and out—up to an additional 6 inches.

SpySPY Frazier Sunglasses. The SPY Frazier packs a one-two punch of tech and style, making it an ideal choice for the young fisherman on your list. Even sweeter? This model is available with the SPY Happy Lens, a mood-enhancing design developed to increase alertness by allowing for the transmission of “uplifting,” long-wave blue light rays. Regardless, the fisherman on your list will be happier for the included Trident polarization that allows sharp, clear underwater vision.


The Original Fishing SNIP with LED Light. If you’re a fisherman you simply can’t have too many line cutters, and this is one of the coolest and most functional we’ve seen. Originally targeted for avid night anglers and ice fishermen, the compact design of the Original Fishing Snip makes it a great choice for any angler; it not only fits neatly in a pocket or tackle bag, but is nice and unobtrusive when worn around your neck. The razor sharp stainless steel blades will cut through mono, Fluorocarbon, and even braided line like butter.

frogs-toadsTurnin’ Frogs Into Toads DVD. Here’s another neat stocking stuffer that comes Team ScoutLook-approved. One of the most common questions posed by bass anglers, is how they can realize more success when fishing topwater frogs. This informative, entertaining 50-minute DVD is packed with the hard-earned frog-fishing secrets of famed West Coast bass tournament angler Bobby Barrack. Sit back and prepare to boat more outsized bucketmouths in 2016, as Barrack, a true frog-fishing innovator, shows you how his refined equipment and techniques have led to crazy-consistent topwater success.


Snag Proof Wobbletron. You don’t have to be told frog fishing continues to take the bass fishing scene by storm, but it’s important to know that not all frog imitations are created equal. The unique, Team Scoutlook-approved Wobbletron helps you land more fish because it’s specially weighted to land upright every time, even in heavy cover, ensuring solid hookups. Also helping it stand apart from the rest are an exclusive, custom-made double 4/0 hook, and a large internal glass rattle to ensure reclusive lunkers don’t strike and miss. To tempt even the most finicky fish, the Kicker feet are positioned straight off the Wobbletron’s back, which results in an alluring gurgling action, even during a slow and steady retrieve.  Choose from eight bass-attracting colors: Black, White, Chartreuse, Tweety, Chicklet, Brown Bullfrog, Wild Bullfrog, and Fred’s.

Night Special Swimming Jig Eel Tail 600Pre-Rigged Barbarian Swimming Jig from Hogy Lure Company. Offered in several color and weight combinations, these swimming jigs are designed for fishing in heavy current and structure. Double-thick silicone skirts paired with UV-infused HDUV soft bait combinations offer increased visibility and pulsing vibration in low-visibility conditions. The Barbarian Jig Hook features a surgically-sharp hook point, unique sickle bend for significantly increased hookups, and a 3X strong wire more than suitable for adult tarpon in heavy current. Each jig is professionally hand rigged at Hogy HQ and is ready to fish right out of package. This jig can be fished across the entire water column by using a varied retrieve speed. Boat, kayak and shore anglers alike can adjust presentations for a variety of presentations and depths. For the past several years, variations of the Pre-Rigged Barbarian Swimming Jig have been a “secret” go-to bait for top guides in the Florida Keys targeting deep water tarpon holding along the iconic Bahia Honda and 7-Mile Bridges.

T-ReignT-Reign 6-inch Pliers with Retractable Gear Tether. Most all fishermen have lost a favorite pair pliers or similar terminal gear to the watery depths. T-Reign has come up with a neat solution: Combining a T-Reign Retractable Gear Tether with a versatile, 6-inch corrosion-resistant stainless steel plier. So one of your most-useful tools will be at your fingertips whenever you need it. The 36-inch Kevlar cord allows you to keep the pliers strapped to your side, or tackle bag, offering the ability to unhook fish wherever you want. And the included, replaceable tungsten carbide cutters allow you to cut all types of line instantly, including heavy mono and super braids.

Zoom Z crawZoom Bait Z Craw. Is it a crawfish? Some type of creature? Who knows, but a few packs of this sure-fire bass-catcher are certainly worthy stocking stuffers. The Zoom Z Craw comes in eight different colors and was designed to be an all-around versatile soft plastic bait. How versatile? It can be flipped on its own, used as a jig trailer, paired with a Carolina rig, or even used as a swim jig trailer. Even better, the tantalizing action drives bass wild, and the ribbed body keeps them holding on for sure hooksets. We here at Scoutlook call that a serious win-win.

PlanoPlano 3743 Deep Waterproof Stowaway. When in doubt, all fishermen can use more storage and/or organization. And if the solution comes with nice, deep compartments, all the better. This one does. The Plano 3743 Deep Waterproof Stowaway offers plenty of room to stow larger, deep-diving crankbaits, or a whole collection of large swimbaits or bulky jigs that you want to keep organized and protected from the elements. This versatile design allows from 4 to 15 compartments, all deep enough to accommodate larger lures. The three locking cams and smart Dri-Loc O-Ring ensure that moisture is kept out of the case and your lures stay dry and rust-free.

rod-glove-tech-600The Rod Glove Technique Tags. Fishing has become increasingly specialized, and bass anglers are among the most affected. A great example? Technique-specific rods, which can be difficult to locate when you need one most—especially on the water during high-pressure tournament action. A great solution to your organization struggles are new Technique Tags from The Rod Glove. These smart tags let you quickly and easily label your rods for instant recognition, whether on the water or back at home or cabin. They’re made of the same durable material as the popular Rod Glove; they simply slide over your existing Rod Glove, allowing for quick and easy rod identification.



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