ScoutLook’s Ultimate Holiday Hunting Gift Guide

by ScoutLook Weather


Come the holidays, few things get the avid hunter’s heart racing like a serious gear upgrade. Not sure what to buy? Here’s a can’t-miss list designed to trigger more smiles and fill more tags.

CanCooker SaleCanCooker Holiday Sale. Worried about finding the right holiday gift? Thinking with your stomach never hurts, and now CanCooker is making it easier than ever, with a 25-percent discount for all online orders of the CanCooker, the CanCooker Jr., CanCooker accessories, and other Seth McGinn products from now until Dec. 24, 2015. (Use Code SL16 at

The CanCooker is quick and simple to use and any available heat source will work—from stovetop to grill to campfire. Just add 12 ounces of any liquid—water, soft drinks, beer, juice or marinades—on top of your favorite ingredients. Layer your favorite vegetables on the bottom, and meats, from surf to turf, on top. Next, lock down the lid and place on any heat source that will boil water. Within 15 minutes you’ll see steam, and about 45 minutes later your complete mouth-watering meal will be ready to serve.

Still more great holiday gifts include the Plank Foldable Cutting Board and the Multi-Fuel portable cook top, both of which will be greatly appreciated, and are also on sale until Dec. 24, 2015.

Don’t forget to inform your fellow sportsmen about the extensive library of recipes from CanCooker that are kitchen-tested and easy to follow.

insolesThermaCELL ProFlex Heated Insoles. “Late-season bowhunting in typically frigid far-northern Wisconsin is no time to tinker with your gear arsenal, which is why, a few years back, I was a bit apprehensive about testing ThermaCELL’s Original Heated Insoles,” explained ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik. “Temps during that late-December sit were predicted to drop into the single digits and, unfortunately, the weatherman got it right. Thankfully, those insoles performed even better than advertised. They not only allowed me sit on stand for a good handful of icy hours, I also credit them for keeping me on stand as evening fell, to arrow a fine freezer-filling doe. I was thrilled. And better yet? Unusually comfortable.”

There’s more good news. The new ProFlex Heated Insoles are designed to deliver even more comfort and ease of use than the Original model. The upgrades come via a new flexible polyurethane insole material, and a smartly designed removable/rechargeable battery that’s hidden in a unique heel compartment. So you don’t have to remove the insoles to change or charge the batteries.

You’ll still find quick and convenient remote operation, and ThermaCELL boasts at least 2,500 hours of use, or about four winters of heavy use. To use, simply cut the insoles to fit, then adjust the temperature utilizing the wireless remote control to the setting of your choice: no heat (standby), medium (100 degrees F), and high (111 degreesF). The heating performance of the ProFlex is the same as the Original. “You’re not going to feel your feet getting hot,” Melotik noted. “But if my experience is typical, they should feel remarkably comfortable, well down into the type of temps where you’d typically be forced to bounce/tap/exercise your feet to promote some semblance of circulation. Admittedly, it was kind of unusual to simply not feel any foot discomfort in temps where it is usually a simple fact of life. Indeed, the new normal has arrived, and I’ve been thanking ThermaCELL ever since.”

peetd-600PEET Footwear Dryers/Deodorizers. Smart hunters do all they can to prevent body odor from sabotaging a close-range encounter with game, and now footwear-drying specialist PEET is offering several smart, affordable solutions. For years, PEET footwear dryers have been keeping outdoorsmen and women more comfortable in the field, and now, with two all-new products, this innovator is also targeting odor-targeting bacteria—using strictly controlled ozone (O³) molecules that penetrate odor and pollution molecules, destroying them by altering their chemical make-up. So odor isn’t covered up—it’s destroyed (read more here). The PEET Ultra Dryer & Deodorizer ($50) is designed with the roving hunter in mind; the twin dryers/deodorizers easily fit into any pair of hunting boots after a full day’s hunt. In addition to drying wetness and sweat, its O³ science destroys odor molecules so you and your boots are ready to go the next morning. The PEET D’ODORIZ’R Module ($70) is PEET’s most-powerful odor-eliminating product. It’s also the most versatile. It can be operated in three distinct ways to overpower odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The Module may be inserted into boots or waders, attached to several PEET Dryer models, and can also be used as a “stand-alone” unit for deodorizing small room areas.

traverse-x-600ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Packs. ALPS has been designing and manufacturing packs for more than 20 years. This innovative pack company has instilled insight and experience into its new, premium Extreme packs. The neat new line features four new pack designs, several of which have been tested by Team ScoutLook, all utilizing molded-foam suspension components. Our take? These thoughtful designs are made to hunt, with some unique bells and whistles many hunters will appreciate. The Crossfire X is a 2,325-cubic-inch vented-back day pack that can carry a bow or a rifle and has plenty of pockets for keeping your must-have gear accessible. The Pursuit X is a 2,700-cubic-inch mid-sized internal-frame pack featuring an innovative fold-open gear shelf, as well as a convenient tree-hanging system. The Traverse X is a larger, 2,900-cubic-inch internal frame pack with a stow-away meat shelf, fleece-lined side wing pockets for optics, and carry systems for a bow, rifle and handgun. The Commander X internal frame system gives you the option to include a pack bag, or to use the frame and lashing system alone, which weighs just 5 pounds. Carrying heavy loads is made easy and comfortable with the adjustable molded foam suspension and a unique frame system, which features dual aluminum stays integrated into a channeled high-density PE framesheet.

crowsfootHunter Safety System Crow’s Foot. Here’s a “no-brainer” stocking stuffer you might want to stock up on. Any hunter who spends time in a treestand will appreciate the new Crow’s Foot, a unique and versatile “3-in-1” accessory hanger. The three hooks easily adjust to splay out a full 180 degrees, keeping your grunt call, rangefinder, rattle system and other accessories tangle-free and within easy reach. The self-tapping screw allows for quick and easy installation, and the simple collapsible design protects your gear (and you) from the screw’s sharp point, while fitting easily in pocket or pack.


Hooyman Extendable 10-Foot Tree Saw. Put this under the tree of an avid whitetailer and you will receive the “Good” Christmas card for life. Trimming shooting lanes and hard-to-reach branches is one of the most labor-intensive jobs treestanders face, but this handy extendable, lockblade saw makes quick work of the most-difficult projects. Fast and easy cutting starts with the premium, high carbon steel MegaBite XP blade that uses an impulse hardened 4-edge tooth design. This improves tooth geometry for unmatched cutting performance and a longer cutting life. The extension arms are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum in a super-strong I-beam configuration; the unique design allows the saw to pack down to just 28 inches for easy transport. 

MossbergBlazeMossberg Blaze Rimfire Autoloading Rifle Series. Introducing the next generation to the shooting sports is not only our responsibility, it’s easier than ever with Mossberg’s extensive line of affordable, fun-to-shoot rimfire rifles. The latest member is the innovative polymer-receiver, American-made Blaze 22LR autoloading rifle. This surprisingly lightweight and easy-handling rimfire is available in four finishes with choice of adjustable rifle sights, barrel-mounted rail, or in Scoped Combo packages featuring Dead Ringer Monteria Green Dot sights. The Blaze 22LR autoloader is ideal as a first rifle or for anyone who wants an affordable, lightweight plinker. The Blaze 22LR design incorporates a polymer receiver and action, housed in a durable synthetic (polymer) stock. The metal bolt, firing pin and bolt handle feature a complementing blued finish, as do the compact 16.5-inch barrels. Utilizing the durability of today’s highly-engineered polymers, this rugged rimfire weighs in at a mere 3 2/3 pounds and is easy to handle, even for a new or younger shooter. The spring-loading, easy-to-load magazines are available in 10- and 25-round options. And true to the Mossberg name, these rimfires feature Mossberg’s universally-recognized, ambidextrous top tang safety.

Mossberg PatriotMossberg Patriot Bolt-Action Rifles with Premium Vortex Optics. Great rifles make great gifts. And even sweeter? When a premium scope comes attached. The newest member of the Mossberg centerfire family, the Patriot bolt-action rifle, is now available in a premium scoped combo package featuring the latest riflescope technology from Vortex Optics: the Dead-Hold BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticle. Five popular calibers offering this scope option are available, ranging from .243 Win. to .300 Win. Mag., with a classically-styled walnut stock or black synthetic stock, matte blue metal finish, and factory-mounted Vortex Crossfire II variable 3-9x40mm scope. The newly-released Patriot series of bolt-action rifles combines the most requested features of Mossberg’s field-proven centerfire rifles in a re-engineered bolt-action platform. ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke, host of THE HUNGER, has been using the Patriot line of rifles during all of his big-game hunts this season. Hunter-inspired, these newly-designed rifles feature a streamlined bolt handle; aggressively-checkered bolt knob; spiral-fluted bolt; and classically-styled stock. In this convenient scoped combo package, you can choose from a handsome walnut stock or more weather-resistant black synthetic stock.

Elite Impulse342016 Elite Impulse. For years Elite Archery has touted the incredible “shootability” of its bows, a term that some who might be unfamiliar with the brand would dismiss as clever ad-speak. The truth? It’s not, and you really have to “test-drive” an Elite at your local dealer to grasp its full meaning. Then, almost instantly, you’ll see the term is an ideal descriptor. Several members of Team ScoutLook depend on Elite bows to bring home tasty backstraps, and we’re all excited about the new Impulse, a bow Elite is calling its most advanced design ever. It features a smooth-shooting and stable platform able to deliver very solid 340 fps-plus IBO. speeds. Improving the aesthetics and performance of the Impulse series is a new open-geometry 6061 T6 aluminum riser designed to distribute load over a greater surface area and improve torsional rigidity—helping deliver balanced, forgiving shooting. You’ll also find premium Winner’s Choice strings and cables, and the cams, modules, cable rods and limb pockets are coated in Elite’s ultra-durable Pro Kote finish to perfectly complement the wide-ranging bow finish options: Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max 1, Realtree AP Snow, Ninja Black, and new for 2016, Kuiu Vias and Kuiu Verde camo patterns. Impulse 34 models will also be available in new-for-2016 matte-finish target colors Titanium, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Blue and Green, which will all include the increasingly popular Elite target grip.

Rival_elevate-1Prime Archery 2016 Rival. When you’ve built a great bow, it just makes sense to make it available to as many people as possible. Longer-draw archers can now experience the extreme accuracy of the Prime Rival from G5 Outdoors; for 2016 the innovative company is offering the versatile, proven bow in a draw length up 31 inches. This is accomplished by using longer limbs, which also increases the brace height to a very forgiving 7.25 inches. The Rival, which touts an IBO speed of 340 fps, will continue to offer some of the most advanced systems available. The PCXL parallel cam system allows the user to adjust the letoff to as high as 85 percent for a more comfortable bowhunting setup, or to a setting as low as 75 percent for added dominance in tournament competition. The 7000 series aluminum riser is still the strongest in the industry, and it’s perfectly balanced right out of the box. Additionally, the integrated Ghost Grip is designed to help deliver the tightest groups possible at any distance, in any condition. The Rival is available in black, Optifade Open Country, Optifade Elevated II, Realtree Xtra, Ice Blue, Red Hot, Purple Jam and Target White. The Prime Rival has an MSRP of $1,049.

AxonCarbon Express Intercept Axon LT. How do you make a great crossbow better? Make it lighter. Carbon Express has taken the original Intercept Axon Crossbow and made it lighter and more balanced, beginning with the Intercept Chassis—a crossbow platform that uses the same reliable, modular component system as AR black guns. The Axon LT features a thinner extruded barrel and machined riser; the result is a lighter, more responsive front end, with improved balance and better shooting performance. In addition, a SilenTech Coating, a rubber-like exterior finish, has been added to reduce vibration and dampen sound, for quieter hunting. The Intercept Axon LT comes ready to hunt with factory-matched components that include a rope cocker, quick-detach three-arrow quiver with side bracket, three Maxima Blue Streak 20-inch crossbolts, rail lubricant, three practice points, and a 4×32 deluxe lighted scope.

Cabela's Equalizer CrossbowCabela’s Equalizer Crossbow Powered by Excalibur. It’s no secret crossbows are one of the fastest-growing segments in archery. Even better, recurve designs are some of the lightest and most dependably reliable around. The camless design of the Equalizer eliminates tuning or timing issues, and allows you to change strings easily, yet delivers speeds up to 370 fps. You’ll also find a simple setup, and a rope-cocking aid is included for quick and easy loading. In your stand the Ergo Grip stock helps enhance balance for increased accuracy, and a self-contained Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire system enhances safety. The included Tact-Zone scope features an updated reticle design, 30mm main tube, red/green rheostat-illuminated reticle, and multicoated lenses for exceptional clarity and light-gathering performance. In addition, the Quad-Loc riser design locks in each limb on four sides for greater strength and consistency. The BCY Dynaflight 97 string minimizes creep and maximizes speed. Draw weight is 250 pounds.; length is 35.18 inches. Cocked width is 25.37 inches; 30.62 inches width uncocked. Weight is 5.7 pounds.; weight with accessories: 7.95 pounds. Camo pattern is Cabela’s Zonz Woodlands. Cabela’s Equalizer Crossbow Package Powered by Excalibur ($900) includes: crossbow, Tact-Zone scope, four-bolt quiver with mounting bracket, four Diablo bolts, four 150-grain field points, and rope-cocking aid.

kenetrek-mountain-extremeKenetrek Mountain Extreme Boots. The last pair of hunting boots you’ll ever need. That’s what you’ll get if you buy any boots in the Mountain Extreme series from Kenetrek. ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke has been field-testing the Mountain Extreme 400s the entire year while filming for THE HUNGER. “From running and gunning for turkeys in Mexico to climbing the Rocky Mountains for mule deer in Utah, my Kenetreks have saved me from countless rolled ankles,” explained Dahlke. “The ankle support and confidence these boots deliver is unlike any hunting footwear I’ve ever tried.” Just read some of the testimonials from Kenetrek customers and you’ll learn how hardcore these boots really are. Kenetrek is offering free shipping until Christmas, plus you can find several Kenetrek gifts under $50 right here.

Cabela's Conifer by MeindlCabela’s Conifer Hunting Boots by Meindl. Stalking and still-hunting over rugged terrain requires a specialized boot. The 9-inch, uninsulated Conifer is pleasingly light (3.2 pounds/pair) and sports supple suede uppers and nylon side panels that deliver welcome support, especially when toting a fully loaded daypack. The DIGAfix lacing system is designed to hug your insteps and heels, eliminating slippage. The lace-to-toe design delivers a secure fit, while breathable spacer-mesh linings draw moisture away from your skin. Removable memory-foam insoles offer quick-drying performance, and polyurethane and EVA midsoles cushion feet and absorb shock. Flex panels above ankles add pliant movement, and Vibram Cyclone outsoles are designed to grip the ground. Men’s sizes: 8-13 medium width. Half sizes to 12.


Danner Sharptail. Few sportsmen put more mileage on boots than upland hunters, and the Sharptail will let them do it in style, backed by Danner’s legendary quality. Danner’s traditional upland boot line was first introduced in the mid-2000s, and the new-for-2015 Sharptail continues the traditional aesthetic, with the company’s signature stitch around the toe. You’ll also find an improved fit and function with a new last featuring a wider toe box; in addition, the Gore-Tex-lined, waterproof/breathable Sharptail is constructed on Danner’s lightweight Terra Force platform that’s designed to deliver a stable, athletic base. More smart improvements include a lower profile, true 8-inch height, and reduced leather content in areas that improve the flexibility and wear.

lacrosse-4x4LaCrosse 4×4 Alpha Boots. Time flies. It’s been over a decade since LaCrosse introduced its first revolutionary “rubber-over-neoprene” hunting boot, the Alphaburly Sport. Since then, the company has learned a few more things about this unique construction technique, which has led to the 4×4 Alpha—a uniquely comfortable, affordable waterproof design that’s also lighter and easier to slip off. We here at ScoutLook call that a win-win. ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik used a pair of these boots extensively this past fall, chasing whitetails in Kentucky and Wisconsin, and he was especially impressed with the unusual comfort provided by the new sponge rubber midsole, and dual-density, molded polyurethane footbed. The unique design made the hours pass more easily on stand, and also delivered more comfort on longer hikes in to remote stands. A family of three models, the 4X4 Alpha is available in 3.5mm and 7mm neoprene levels with a snake boot version in 3.5mm neoprene. The series features Realtree Xtra Green and Realtree Xtra camo options.

Cabela's Instinct Accelerator 9mm Rubber BootsCabela’s Instinct Accelerator 9mm Rubber Boots. Wise whitetail and turkey hunters know high-performance rubber boots deliver serious advantages. The 17-inch Instinct Accelerator’s Zero Gravity Technology delivers rugged neoprene construction that’s lighter, faster, more athletic and more durable than traditional rubber boots, while also providing superior heat retention. Cabela’s built these from the ground up using lightweight, seamless-injected shells and outsoles, and they’re double-taped to seal out water. The cushioned, 5mm TC3 OrthoLite footbeds are designed to offer step-in comfort. Plush fleece linings and a layer of 9mm Airmesh throughout protect against cold temperatures, and wick away moisture to help feet stay dry. Fiberglass shanks deliver enhanced stability, while the large, rugged treads offer exceptional traction. Available in men’s whole sizes: 8-13; Cabela’s Zonz Woodlands camo.

sitka-600Sitka Fanatic Jacket & Bibs. One of the best ways to ensure bowhunting success during the rut and on into the late season is a simple-enough principle: You’ve got to be in your stand, or your well-positioned ground blind, when a bruiser buck strolls by. If you can pull an all-day, dark-to-dark vigil, well, your odds can skyrocket. And if you can make it 3 hours during the most brutal conditions of the year, you also stand to win big. Yes, it’s a simple concept, but for many hunters, surprisingly hard to execute. The key to making it happen? Investing in the right huntwear system. All-weather comfort is the trick, and some of the best Team ScoutLook has found is the well-rounded system from Sitka Gear. Sitka offers many fine pieces of outerwear, but if you’re looking for its most versatile cold-weather gear, you want the newly redesigned Fanatic Jacket and Bibs. Make no mistake, this combo is a serious investment. But it also delivers serious rewards. For 2015 Sitka has given the Fanatic an improved, ultra-quiet Berber-fleece shell, backed with Windstopper and a layer of Primaloft Silver insulation. Dressed in this combo with the appropriate underlayers, you and/or your loved one won’t have to worry about getting chilled on stand. But you’d better have a solid gameplan for toting the jacket, bibs, or both if you’ve got a long hike in—or you’ll soon find yourself soaked in sweat. This combo is that good. You have been warned.

Cabela's Edition X-Bionic Base Layers, merinoX-BIONIC Cabela’s Edition Energizer First-On-Skin Shirt and Pants. Base layers can make or break your hunt. These next-generation garments actually make your sweat work for you, using thermo-regulating technologies that help cool you down or warm you up depending on conditions. And all while keeping you at the optimum performance body temperature of 98.6 degrees. How does it work? Sweat Traps move perspiration through microducts, allowing it to absorb your excess body heat, then evaporate and release from the warm, outer surface of the garment. Strategically placed compression panels aid circulation through capillaries to increase oxygen levels in muscles for cooling, without hindering range of motion. Odor-neutralizing fibers keep you fresh. Available in merino wool ($200; tan) or nylon ($180; black).

Cabela's Instinct Backcountry Ultra Pack Rain JacketCabela’s Instinct Backcountry Ultra-Pack Rain Jacket and Pants. All roving hunters need dependable rainwear that’s lightweight and truly packable, and this premium suit excels in all three areas. Both Jacket ($200) and Pant ($190) pack down to about the size of a 12-ounce soda can—so they’re always handy, never cumbersome. Generously cut designs allow fast on and off in the field. The Jacket has a draw-cord hem, elastic cuffs, adjustable hood and a full-front zipper, and weighs only 7.2 ounces. The Pants (6.3 ounces, including stuff sack) have an elastic waist and knee-length zippers for easy on and off. Both are constructed of 100-percent four-way-stretch polyester. Camo Pattern: Cabela’s Zonz Backcountry.


Huntworth Men’s Soft Shell Jacket. Well-made softshell jackets are some of the most-versatile designs around because their mid-weight construction offers serious comfort in wide-ranging temps. Smart layering will get you through warm to cooler temps, and when things get frigid it can also act as a mid-layer. The preceding almost perfectly describes Huntworth’s new model #9016 Men’s Soft Shell Jacket ($100), which is available in Huntworth’s exclusive camo pattern, Oak Tree EVO, and combines the hunter-friendly attributes of three different materials. A durable woven rip stop bonded to a honeycomb fleece covers the upper chest, while a combination of 260-gram performance fleece bonded to a honeycomb fleece forms the main body. Two-way stretch performance fleece is found in the elbows and forearms for comfort and freedom of movement. The result is durable, flexible jacket designed to offer both warmth and unusual mobility.


Huntworth Ladies Hooded Jacket. Wide-ranging outdoor wear designed specifically for women is growing just as fast as the numbers of women who are getting involved in the shooting sports, and it’s great to see. Hunting apparel specialist Huntworth is one of the companies on the leading edge, and a great example is its new Ladies Life Style Snow Camo Hoodie Jacket ($80), which adds to its extensive line of camouflage clothing.  The jacket is designed to be both fun and warm, and able to cross over from use in the field to an everyday-wear fashion statement. This black, snow camo-accented design has a slimming cut that features 2-way stretch performance fleece construction. The hood is trimmed with silky soft faux fur, and the jacket body and hood is fully lined with a super soft-to-the-touch long pile sherpa fleece for added warmth; a lighter pile lining in the sleeves delivers improved flexibility and comfort. 

camp-chef-striker copyCamp Chef Mountain Series Stryker Stoves. If you want a hot meal on the mountain or a warm cup of coffee in your deer blind, the trouble is finding a stove that’s small enough to toss in your hunting pack, yet powerful enough to get the job done when you decide to turn up the heat. The Camp Chef Stryker portable stoves are the ticket. Choose from isobutane- ($60; smaller, more compact) or propane-burning ($65; larger, lasts longer) models and clear out your pocketful of granola and candy bars.

Cabela's Carnivore GrinderCabela’s Carnivore Grinders. ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik has been using his Cabela’s 1 HP meat grinder for the past 7 years without one problem or performance hiccup. Better news? Cabela’s new Carnivore Grinders are reportedly the company’s best ever. Not only do they give you the ability to grind multiple pounds of meat quickly and efficiently, their quiet induction motor produces impressive power to work through large quantities of boneless meat. Removable, freezable Cool-Tek wraps around the grinder’s head to keep meat cold to prevent sticking and binding. Grinders include 23mm, 29mm and 39mm sausage-stuffing funnels, and 13mm snack-stick funnel. Also included is a one-way-fit, stainless-steel, two-sided cutting knife, two grinding plates (fine, 4.5mm, and coarse, 7mm), as well as an auger-pull tool for safe and easy auger removal, and a meat stomper. They’re available in .5-, .75-, 1-, 1.5- and 1.75 horsepower motors ($380 to $820).


The iHUNT App by Ruger. As you could imagine, the ScoutLook team is, well, very picky about the hunting apps we download for our own smartphones. Few apps make the cut, and many get ditched shortly after installation. But there’s one hunting app we give two thumbs up: the iHUNT app by Ruger. The iHUNT app is packed with more than 600 high-quality animal calls—everything from deer to coyotes, turkeys to alligators, and new calls are constantly being added! More than 500,000 hunters have downloaded the app because it’s simply awesome. We’ve partnered with iHUNT to give you a dynamite deal on their new wireless Bluetooth speaker and app combo package. You can click here to buy this deadly combo for 25 percent off! Just use coupon code HUNT25 at checkout to take advantage of this killer offer.

That’s a $15 savings just because you’re a loyal ScoutLook user. 
If you’d prefer to try the iHUNT app first, for free, click here to download it right now.

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Frigid Forage Food Plot Combo Holiday Package. With the onset of winter and the start of a new year in sight, it’s easy to see why late-season food plots are so important. The downside of fast-growing annuals is that they are very good at depleting the soil of beneficial nutrients; this is why the innovators at Frigid Forage have developed the first cover crop blend of soil-enriching clovers. These are designed to be planted in the spring and “plowed under” as green manure come late summer—when it’s time to plant the company’s best-selling, game-attracting Big-N-Beasty Brassica blend. If you’re looking for a great gift this holiday season, Frigid Forage has put together a combination package at a special price. Included in the Plow Down/Big-N-Beasty Combo is 1 acre of Plow Down Clover and 1 acre of the popular and proven Big-N-Beasty brassica blend that should ensure a healthy, well-fed herd, and productive hunting, in 2016.

work-sharp-guided-600Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System. The ScoutLook team can’t think of a single outdoorsman who would not appreciate one of the many ingenious blade-sharpening systems from Work Sharp. A great example is the affordable Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System ($60) that is a complete sharpening solution for every knife you own, and even comes with a 42-year warranty. It features the innovative Pivot-Response System that allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the knife while sharpening—making manual sharpening faster, easier and more precise than ever. The System includes an Angle-Guided Bench Sharpener (17 degrees and 20 degrees), interchangeable coarse and fine 6-inch diamond plates, and an angle-guided field hone. It sharpens pocket knives, hunting knives, serrations, tools and more. (Click here to see a review of the System by ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke.) While you’re at it, you might want to consider the Guided Sharpening System Upgrade Kit ($35) that includes two additional diamond plates (extra coarse 220 grit and extra fine 800 grit), and a leather strop kit complete with a natural leather stropping plate, angle guides and 0.5 micron chromium oxide honing compound. The diamond plates and leather strop are 6×1.25 inches and are designed to fit the Guided Sharpening System.

Cabela's Stealth Hunter4Ground Blind2Cabela’s Stealth Hunter4 Ground Blind. One of the biggest keys to consistent ground blind success? A smart window system. The Stealth Hunter4 ($250, 25.75 pounds) features an ingenious zipper- and Velcro-free design; innovative window slides offer silent access to shooting windows and allow 360-degree shooting. Independent mesh and panel window coverings each slide smoothly and silently open and closed, ensuring you don’t spook wildlife when you’re ready to take the shot. Polyurethane-treated 7-ounce cotton/polyester material is covered in Cabela’s Zonz Woodlands camo and resists light rain, while the spacious four-wall design (70 inches L x 70 inches W x 78 inches H with five total hubs) ensures quick, easy setup and takedown. These blinds are also available in five- and six-wall configurations.

EngelEngel Backpack Cooler in Kryptek Camo. Soft-side coolers are currently hot for a reason—they’re uniquely versatile and open up many more possibilities for the avid, ultra-mobile outdoorsman. And now, the Engel Backpack Cooler, complete with its handy backpack straps, highly efficient insulation and dual radiant barriers, is available in Kryptek Highlander camo ($180). Any sportsman—or sportswoman—will appreciate the benefits of blending into the surrounding environment as well as the tough, easy-toting performance of this new design. The Backpack Cooler offers easy access with plenty of room for lunch and more—in total, it’ll hold more than 24 12-ounce beverage cans. The top opening features a heavy-duty, two-way, water-repellant zipper that pulls open for full access to the main inner compartment. Next to the main opening there’s a zippered side pocket, an ideal place to hold an Engel Cooler Pak or two. (Engel Cooler Paks will keep the adjacent contents in the main section cold without relying upon ice—freeing up more space for groceries and eliminating sloppy meltwater). Rugged construction includes a durable 500-denier tear-resistant diamond ripstop outer shell with a waterproof TPE coating. On the inside, there are dual radiant barrier liners of reflective foil—an Engel exclusive feature—and sandwiched in between is a 1.5-inch-thick layer of closed-cell foam insulation. Under typical conditions, the Engel Backpack Cooler will hold ice for up to 3 days.

Duel StretchbackDuel Game Calls Stretchback Deer Grunt Call. Serious whitetailers look for a grunt that’s not only crazy realistic, but capable of producing both loud and soft vocalizations to use as the situation dictates. ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik has used this incredible design the last 2 years and has found it to be one of the best he’s ever used, and the proof is in the results: He’s used the Stretchback ($32) to lure top-end whitetails into bow range in three different states: Kansas, Illinois and Wisconsin; it’s become his “go-to” grunt. The Stretchback is aptly named because it produces the full range of Deer grunts, plus it uses a soft and silent rubber extension tube to change the vocalizations of the call to be more realistic. You simply stretch the flexible tube while you call to make it produce deeper tones and mimic multiple-aged animals on the fly. Inside the mouthpiece, the freeze-free reed body and sound board work in concert with each other offering seven O-ring positions for deep dominant buck grunts in the low position, younger bucks and does in the middle positions, and fawn bleats in the top two positions, giving a wide range of tones for any condition afield.

StrangleholdKnight and Hale Stranglehold Pot Call. Turkey season will be here before you know it. Knight and Hale are making it easy to buy for the die-hard gobbler-chaser on your list with the all-new Stranglehold pot call ($25), designed to drive big toms wild. The pot design of the Stranglehold is based off Knight and Hale’s Long Spur pot, but a few tweaks have been added to make this call even deadlier in the spring woods. Knight and Hale has thickened up the pot’s base to add depth and rasp, and the call is topped with a pure crystal surface and matched with a power-tip, all-weather striker to ensure turkey-approved volume and tone. Top to bottom, this call has been engineered to pull in toms during all situations, making it one of the most versatile all-season designs available.

moultrie-a7i-600Moultrie A-7i Game Camera. The holidays are an ideal time to gift a game camera—to help your targeted outdoorsman find “target bucks” that have made it through the season—and Moultrie is making it easier than ever. The all-new, affordable Moultrie A-7i ($115) has all the key features avid deer hunters need, with the ability to capture images of even the most skittish bucks. Built on the platform of Moultrie’s best-selling A-5 game camera, the A-7i is now the lowest-priced iNVISIBLE flash camera in the Moultrie family. With black LEDs for imperceptible flash operation, this camera was developed specifically to be utilized in any scouting situation without alerting game. With a rugged new look, the A-7i includes a functional LED array design for better break up and concealment in the woods, and improvements in weather resistance and reliability. More improvements include reduced detection delay time for optimal image capture, and a three-image multi-shot capability that ensures you capture that perfect shot. Like the updated A-5, the A-7i operates on AA batteries with long-lasting life in the field.

Rinehart Woodland BoarRinehart Woodland Boar Target. Bowhunting feral hogs is great fun, and its popularity is growing quickly. Combine that situation with a growing legion of youngsters who enjoy shooting at most any cool-looking target, and you have the genesis of Rinehart’s latest offering, the lifelike Woodland Boar ($150). Like all Rinehart sculpted targets, the Woodland Boar is designed to take exceptional amounts of shots—from field points and broadheads alike—and still maintain its structural integrity for unparalleled target life thanks to a legendary, self-healing foam insert. In addition, Rinehart paid extra attention to detail in both the form and finish of the target, resulting in a target that’s anything but “boaring” to shoot, whether you’re shooting a compound bow, traditional bow or crossbow. Looking for more challenges? The complete line of Rinehart Boar targets also includes the Javelina/Peccary, the Razorback, and the ultra-unique Rising Boar.

Code BlueCode Blue Doe Estrous. Looking for a sweet stocking stuffer? Late-season hunters still looking for buck success will appreciate receiving Code Blue’s proven and powerful Doe Estrous attractant scent ($13/1-ounce bottle). With the understanding that a buck identifies a specific doe based on her scent, Code Blue guarantees that each bottle of deer urine is from an individual animal. Every bottle is fresh, certified and marked with the registration number of the individual deer. Code Blue’s stringent and thorough collection process ensures every bottle is pure, premium, fresh and—most importantly—collected from an individual doe in heat.

HDHO no treeFamily Tradition Lock-On Stand/Ladder Combo. Whether it’s the peak of the rut or opening weekend of gun season, pulling an all-day stand sit can be your deadliest strategy. Regardless, no one wants to be driven from a stand due to discomfort. If stands have let you down in the past, you need to check out the spacious design and heavy-duty construction of the HD/HO Lock-On Stand, and the company’s HOL/20 Lock-On Ladder, a sure-footed design that weighs in at 29 pounds and breaks down to five sections that total 20 feet. (Click here to learn more about Family Tradition treestands in a ScoutLook-exclusive video.) Based on quality and comfort, this USA-made combo is a near-ideal pair. Are you a bigger guy who doesn’t trust those thin platform-supporting cables found on many hang-ons? You’ll likely smile when you see the two full-sized, 1,900-pound-tensile-strength rubber-sleeved steel chains performing that job on the HD/HO stand. Still have reservations? The stand is attached to the tree with two separate premium ratchet straps, each rated to 3,300 pounds. Proof is in the testing, and indeed, once ratcheted down this stand was as rock-solid as any Team ScoutLook has ever tested. And with the seat flipped up, freedom of movement on the spacious 25×31-inch platform (that seems even larger) is so complete there’s virtually no shot angle you can’t pull off. Another bonus is the huge, comfortable, 22×13.5-inch seat allows you to inch way over to either side to cover behind-the-tree angles while seated, not possible with many other stands. The trade-off for such luxury is some weight (19 pounds), but it’s nice to see both a substantial quarter-inch, 25-foot haul rope, and T-Handle screw are included to help you haul up and temporarily attach the outsized stand at hunting height, while you anchor the beefy ratchet straps.

Goliath SD Climbing TreestandSummit Goliath SD Climbing Treestand. When it comes to climbing treestands, sometimes bigger is better—especially when the goal is all-day comfort. The Goliath SD is an enlarged version of Summit’s popular Viper Treestand and offers a generous 350-pound weight capacity. The Goliath also offers a wider top that provides more room to maneuver for the shot, and the stand is also equipped with a larger, more-comfortable seat. Built for maximum concealment, the Goliath features sound-deadening (SD) technology to minimize noise, as well as Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity camo padding, and the company’s proven Summitlokt system. Also included are RapidClimb Stirrups, a 4-point safety harness, and Summit’s Five Year Limited Warranty.

STYRKAStyrka S7 Series Binoculars. Styrka is a Minnesota-based optics company with over a century of optical expertise, and it certainly shows in its new flagship S7 Series binocular line.

Included are three models (8×42, 10×42 and a very compact 8×30), all backed by the best warranty in the optics industry: the Styrka Pride Warranty. Under Styrka Pride, not only is the optic covered unconditionally, but once a year it can be returned to Styrka for a cleaning and thorough inspection to make sure everything is working as it should. After some extensive field-testing this fall, ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik considers the 8×30 model to be a near-ideal bowhunting binocular. He especially liked the sharp, crisp images in the low light of dawn and dusk, and the super-compact, lightweight design that never interfered with bow shooting and was easily stowed in pack or pocket. The S7 line features extra-low dispersion (ED) objective lenses; coupled with Styrka’s proprietary SXL-MAX flat multi-coatings, the optical design delivers razor-sharp, high-contrast images to help you find more game in any terrain. All models are fully waterproof and nitrogen purged for use in any weather condition.

Cabela's Outfitter 10x42Cabela’s Outfitter Series Binoculars. With 20-percent larger eyepieces than previous models in the same category, these premium optics are designed to deliver a better viewing experience that’s easier on your eyes. That means glassing longer and more efficiently and, ultimately, seeing more game. They feature high-definition multicoated objective and eyepiece lenses that feature flat surfaces. The “Flat Multi” construction delivers excellent light transmission and image clarity, and true color reproduction. Choose from 8×42 ($500), 10×42 ($520), and 12×50 ($550) models; the larger eyepieces increase the field of view 16 percent on the 8-power model, and 8 percent on the 10- and 12-power models.

TightSpotTightSpot Quiver. Can a bow quiver make you a better bowshot? It can if it’s a TightSpot. The exclusive “RightSpot” 3-way adjustment system lets you fine-tune the balance of your bow using your quiver. So it acts much like a stabilizer instead of adversely affecting your shooting like most other models. The TightSpot fits tight to your bow, and it’s exceptionally lightweight (it features vibration-absorbing wrapped carbon rods and a machined-aluminum frame), resulting in virtually no torque. Also cool are the the individually adjustable arrow grippers that ensure no more loose or lost arrows, regardless of arrow diameter.

Ace Micro AdjustRipcord ACE Micro-Adjust Arrow Rest. Fall-away rests have become the industry standard because they offer dependable accuracy while minimizing arrow contact. As the first micro-adjust fall-away hunting rest, the ACE broke ground for introducing the time-saving convenience of fall-away micro-adjustability to hunters. And its popularity continues today due to many helpful features that include FireFall technology (which ensures the launcher falls away only if you fire, not when you let down). For 2016, Ripcord has introduced the ACE Standard, a non-micro-adjustable ACE with FireFall design plus other key features that include an Ultra SlimLine Launcher (designed to deliver 46 percent more vane clearance than any other full-containment, fall-away rest), and a DoubleDown Brake designed to eliminate launcher bounceback.

Black Gold VerdictBlack Gold Ascent Verdict. Long known for their near-bombproof durability, Black Gold sights are legendary for withstanding the type of punishment wide-ranging backcountry hunters can experience. And now, Black Gold brings that rugged dependability to its new top-of-the-line Ascent Verdict moveable bowsights that are available in three models: 3-pin, 5-pin, or 1-pin scope. All are designed to offer more range and adjustability than traditional movable hunting sights. And like all Black Gold sights, they feature some of the brightest pins on the market thanks to SkyCoil Technology. The 3- and 5-pin models are outfitted with one-piece, machined micro-grooved pins, while the single-pin model has Black Gold’s brightest single pin ever. All three models feature High-Performance PhotoChromatic Technology that automatically dulls pins in bright light to prevent pin halo. More moveable sight improvements include a splined vertical drive gear system with 80 percent more gear surface interface that eliminates gear burnout, and means much smoother and quieter operation when you turn the “Dial-of-Death” wheel. You’ll also find a new Bright Idea fluorescent sight ring that makes for quick target acquisition, a new indicator needle that is more precise and better-protected, and 54 different sight tapes so you’ll be sure to find one that is right for your setup.

yamaha-grizzly-600-ggYamaha 2016 Grizzly EPS 4×4 ATV. From front to back, top to bottom, the 2016 Grizzly EPS 4×4 ATV is designed to be the most comfortable, off-road-capable, and durable big-bore ATV for dedicated hunters—and those who enjoy recreational trails and technical terrain. (Click here to see what ScoutLook’s off-road expert, Derrek Sigler, thought of the new Grizzly after his first impression.) Aggressive new styling and a new chassis incorporate redesigned front and rear fenders, an all-new handlebar-dmounted work light, new 26-inch tires, twin-piston four-wheel disc brakes, new suspension, and Yamaha’s proven core drivetrain technologies.

“The 2016 Grizzly has great new styling, handles like a recreational machine with extreme off-road capability and durability, and features the most torque and power of any Yamaha 4×4 ATV ever,” said Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) group vice president. “Yamaha is setting a new standard of performance and durability for recreational riders with this tough, comfortable and off-road-capable new Grizzly.”

The 2016 Grizzly delivers optimized engine character for recreational riding featuring Yamaha’s new DOHC, 708cc engine with 6 percent more power and 9 percent more torque than the previous model Grizzly 700, currently one of the best-selling big-bore utility ATVs in America. The Mikuni fuel injection with 44mm bore and throttle position sensor makes for easy electric starting and flawless fuel delivery in nearly any condition.

The all-new Yamaha Grizzly comes in Yamaha Blue, Hunter Green, Red and Realtree Xtra camo. MSRP starts at $8,899 for non-EPS and $9,699 for EPS models. The SE model’s MSRP is $10,299 and the LE’s MSRP is $10,899.

Burris AR-332 Tactical Kit-openBurris AR Tactical Kits. The AR-15 (Modern Sporting Rifle) continues to be one of the hottest-selling shooting platforms in all of the shooting sports, yet for all of their extreme popularity, pairing weapons to the best and most-useful accessories, for many, can be a lesson in confusion. That’s why Team ScoutLook is happy to see Burris is helping make AR accessorizing fast and painless. Three new AR Tactical Kits are ready to help tactical and competitive shooters experience more foolproof accuracy. The kits include a quality prism sight, and either a secondary red-dot sight or an AR Tripler, plus mounts. All come packaged in a rugged carry case that’s ready to be gift-wrapped, but there’s more good news: These high-quality kits come at over a $100 savings compared to buying each item separately. A serious holiday score.

The AR-332 Tactical Kit features the Burris AR-332 with 3x magnification; the Ballistic CQ reticle is ideal for instinctive target acquisition and quick shooting from point blank to intermediate ranges. The black reticle is etched directly onto the prism, with red or green illumination at the turn of a dial. The AR-536 Tactical Kit features a fixed 5x magnification Burris AR-536 aimed at lawmen, military and competitive shooters who want additional range plus fast target acquisition. The etched-on black reticle with red or green illumination offers lightning response to intermediate targets and precision shooting at longer distances. The kit includes an Anti-Reflection Device and FastFire II 4 MOA red-dot reflex sight. The AR-1X Tactical Kit features the Burris AR-1X Prism Sight that delivers both-eyes-open accuracy for ultra-fast shooting. The Ballistic CQ-1X black reticle is etched onto the prism for use without battery power, plus instant push-button adjustment between green or red illumination settings. 

nosler-reload-8-600Nosler Reloading Guide #8. Help a budding sportsman, or even a longtime veteran, get started in the world of reloading and you help them take their shooting and hunting to a whole new level. They’ll gain valuable knowledge of their shooting tools, but will also help those guns reach new levels of performance and accuracy. That’s powerful stuff, and even better, you can’t find it on a store shelf. This is Nosler’s latest and most-comprehensive reloading manual to date; wedged between the 800 hardcovered pages you’ll find data on the newest cartridges, including Nosler’s 26, 28 and 30, as well as detailed long-range AccuBond data and expanded powder selections. A clear, detailed, step-by-step explanation of the reloading process makes this manual a great stocking stuffer for budding do-it-yourselfers, and gun and hunting enthusiasts everywhere.

chatelliers-600Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce. A couple of duck-hunting buddies, Norb Buchmayr and Gary Christman, wanted to find a way to make their sea ducks taste better. They contacted another friend, John Chatellier, and ol’ John put the finishing touches on a game sauce recipe that he’d been plugging away at for years. The result was Chatellier’s Rare Game Sauce. It goes great with waterfowl, but it’s truly spectacular with any kind of wild game. Whether you’re cooking on the stovetop, in the oven, on the grill or in a cast-iron Dutch Oven over an open fire, slather some Chatellier’s on your coveted kill and you’ll want to keep a lifetime supply of the charming jars on your kitchen shelf forever.

rack-jack-600Rack Jack from Viking Solutions. It’s all fun and games until a big beast is dead on the ground. That’s when the work begins … but it doesn’t have to be a miserable task. One exceptional invention that will make your life easier on the loading and butchering end of your kill is the Rack Jack from Viking Solutions. (Read a full review right here at, or click here to see a ScoutLook video review.) This handy game hoist plugs into the receiver of your pickup truck or UTV, allowing you to lift a big-game animal with its attached winch. Lift the animal off the ground and swing it into the bed of your vehicle with the Rack Jack’s built-in swivel. Or, if you want to get your butchering work wrapped up right from the tailgate, get ’er done. The original Rack Jack can hoist and hold any animal deer-sized or smaller, but keep your eyes open for the Rack Jack Magnum, which is built to handle elk and other larger mammals.

















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